About Me!

Hello and Welcome!

I've been blogging for quite a while now, mainly personal blogging (which trust me - I still love!) however after reading and going googly-eyed towards the various fashion blogs I have clicked through, I decided I needed to put MY view on the world of fashion.

My name is Angela, though I prefer Angie, I am 21 and I live in Utah, USA with my beautiful wife and soul mate Jen; our Maine Coon mix Wedge Catilles, our Egyptian Mau tabby Darth Mau and our cockatiel Jango Peck! Jango may be a Jangette, we're not sure yet! 

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and I moved here to the beautiful state of Utah in 2007 to move in with Jen! We had met online when I was 13, got engaged when I was 16 and once I turned 18 I packed two small bags and flew out here! I moved in that night and we got married less than a month later. ^_^ She is truly my soul mate, my best friend, my lover and the most amazing wife anyone could EVER ask for!!! We're going on four years married this September 13th, WOOT WOOT! 

I am interested in a lot of different things, some of them very similar and some total opposites. I am a gamer, geek and artist. A shopaholic, a girly-girl and a fan of everything outdoorsy. I play airsoft every Saturday and have ridden a bareback bronc and a bull. I love Lolita lifestyles and fashion and Gothic Lolita fashion. My taste in fashion can range from casual to dressy, from hippie to Gothic and everything in-between. My style is "mixed" and I like that!

I currently work from home (though I'm sad to say I really don't love my job. Sad face!) I would love to work as a professional artist, be part of a magazine, get rich from my blog or do something that means no uniform, no schedule and that Jen and I can work together like we always have! Because really, that's the BEST part of working from home is being able to spend everyday with her!

Well, that's a little bit about me. If you have a question, ask! I'm new to this whole fashion blogging thing, so this blog may not stay around for long. But here's hoping!

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